GurpKING - G&L Deages Platinum Arena Push - 11.30.2020 - Raid Shadow Legends

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After taking a few weeks off arena and two weeks off the game entirely I came back with a new and innovative idea for solving the current arena meta. I used it to great success last week finishing 6th place after my hiatus under a funny alias SPHunter (Swift Parry Hunter). Will I beat that placement this week?


The idea to use Gurptuk came from discussions we had internally in our G&L Discord around September when trying to figure out the best way to stop swift parry. I later showcased Gurptuk early November to a few clan mates as a proof of concept and it was quite successful. Gurptuk is an excellent arena offence champion in the current meta for his damage boost and block buffs, effectively hard countering the nonsense no-skill swift parry meta right now (as well as a bunch of champions too).

Enjoy! This is my reset push, I normally kick into gear in the last 20 minutes and spend time before that just playing with teams and trying to understand their stats/speeds/compositions beforehand.

I spend most of my time on Manibal's discord and I'm very active in the arena community, feel free to join us and ask for any help or advice!

Special shoutout to Grimmj0w (Discord Grimmj0w#7147) for his wonderful work fixing up the video and the thumbnail - I scuffed the recording but felt this week was a really good push and worth uploading.
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